Our Space.

Rehearsal Room – Factory
Creative Room – Interface between Diverse Art Forms
Stage Area– Window on the Public Sphere
Training Area – Training Opportunities
Course Room – Dancing Experience
Realm of Experience – Interchange
Communication Room – Furthter Training
Networking Room – Dancing Impartation
Cooperation Room – Regional, International Expension

Since 2012, the RedSapata Tanzfabrik has been settled in the facilities of the final packing hall in the former tobacco factory. The “industrial flair” of these facilities is of particular importance for our dancing artists: its unique hight and expanse are an additional source of inspiration. Everything in the hall has been left unchanged, only the dancing floor and some cozy pillows moved in with us. The rest is still the original final packing hall of the former tobacco factory ‘Tabakfabrik’.

Everyone interested to use our space as platform for their activities, are invited to contact us under the following email-address:

NOTE: We are no event organizer. Our space is used primarily for professional dancing productions. All activities which are taking place are foremost non-commercial, independent projects and educational opportunities. However, the commercial renting is possible. We are glad with everyone who brings something new to our repertoire!