Residencies @ RedSapata Tanzfabrik

Our space is availiable for residencies on a regular basis. Residencies are working opportunities which are set within a certain timespane in one piece and which are not limited to membership.

Artists from outside of Linz and Upper Austria as well as international dance artists may submit their applications for residencies. Ressources like room, personal and technic have to be provided by the Residency for free.


Form for inquiries:

a residency includes:

  • Usage of the studios (dancing space ca. 200 m²)
  • Usage of the regular technical equipment and occasional usage of spotlights, lighting system etc.
  • Publication of the project information through all available RedSapata TANZFABRIK online channels (social media, website, newsletter etc.), also through print & press on special occasions.
  • Length of the residency: ca. 2 weeks – individual agreements, daily until ca. 5 p.m. (occasional restrictions of 1-2 hours are possible due to cleaning work or longterm appointments in the forefront)
  • Option on workshops / temporary admission to the education program of the dancing club
  • Option on public showing
  • Costs of the residency: 70 Euro handling fee
  • Not included: accommodation, travel expenses,  food


  • Presentation of the artistic concepts
  • Information about the artists
  • „Sharing is Caring“: at the end of the residency time, we appreciate to receive an “experience report” (presentation, performance, workshop etc.) which is open to the public. This is NO MUST, but NICE TO HAVE.
  • Inquiries:

Residency Artists & Projects.