Spring 2021:



“schwerelos & schwindelfrei”


Tanz, Choreografie, Kultur- und Tanzvermittlung Christina Ebner und Daniela Schilcher

Through its artistic work, Tanzconnec:tive takes on the task of creating diverse encounters with contemporary dance. It draws on the motivation to illuminate dance from different angles and make it tangible. Socially relevant issues meet the complexity of the movement and touch in particular the experiential worlds of children and young people. The collective is dedicated to the creation of stage plays, as well as to the mediation of art and culture.


schwerelos & schwindelfrei

A motivating piece to tackle, to make your own ideas and dreams come true.

No mood, no desire, only frustration…
Some days we feel especially hard, nothing is the way we want it, everything goes wrong. How we wish we could just shed this heaviness, free ourselves, feel light and fly away!
But how?

What does it actually feel like to be weightless -?
to climb into the heights, to experience being dizzy as something exciting and inspiring, to gain confidence in being free of giddiness?

Small and big dreams awaken energies that help us move mountains. Once we have taken off, we leave the heaviness behind. We continue to climb, fly into the air – become excitedly giddy, invigorated, winged.

Let’s be brave and fly!

contemporary dance, Research, Residency