Fall/ Winter 2020



ASYMMETRICAL ENCOUNTERS (Rosalie Wanka & guests)


Starting Point

In the course of the research project ‘ENTANGLEMENTS – Gender and Interculturality in the Juxtaposition of Contemporary Dance Techniques and Argentine Tango’, which was made possible by this year’s work grant, I intensively dealt with the contrasting role and body images of the two aforementioned techniques and analyzed their cultural connotations together with my partner Rodrigo Pardo. I would like to continue the findings from the research with two dancers – Cecilia Loffredo and Rodrigo Pardo – in the course of the present project in order to enrich the material with further visual and auditory levels and to develop a stage piece from it.


Artists/ Team

Rodrigo Pardo, Argentine with Spanish passport and living in France, Cecilia Loffredo, Argentine with Argentine passport and living in Argentina and I, German-Austrian and living in Munich, but for ten years with annual long stays in Argentina.


We are all “wanderers between worlds”, and have all – with each other and each for himself – reflected both on the theme of interculturality (out of professional interest but above all out of biographical events), and researched on a connection between contemporary dance and Argentine tango.


Cecilia Loffredo, thanks to her psychoanalytic training, always adds a coherent theoretical framework and interpretive depth to the artistic process.


For the play – which is primarily intended to tell about opportunities for encounters – it also makes sense to have another performer, so that same-sex encounters can also take place.


I am very happy to develop the visual level of the projections and the spatial design with Manuela Hartel during the production and the concept for the lighting design with Hans Weiß.


The photographer Tom Gonsior – who has already accompanied Cecilia and me in 4 productions will document rehearsals and performances.


Lara Schubert is responsible for production management as well as press and public relations.

Supported by Landeshauptstadt München.


19./20./21. März, 19:00 @Theater HochX (Video on Demand 24h) Tickets: https://theater-hochx.de/asymmetrical-encounters.html

contemporary dance, Gender, Identity, Kulturförderung der Stadt München, Research, Residency, Tango Argentino