Roland Dandó

Dancer, Singer, Pianist

I live in the upperaustrian Region Almtal and work there in various fields. In my childhood and youth I practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics, studied classical piano at the Linzer Bruckner Uni and was member of the Linzer Mozartchor for 5 years. My passion for dancing came later…First I started with Yoga and further on began my studies in classical ballett, modern dance and as well contemporary dance. I took part at the Tanzclub programme 2018/2019. We realised various performances at the “Lange Nacht der Bühnen” 2018 at Lentos Kunstmuseum and 2019 at the Landesgalerie Linz. I am also part of a Organ & Dance trio with the dancer Lena Pirklhuber and the outstanding organist Christoph Radinger. I love to work with improvisation tools, inspired of the studies with Iris Heitzinger and Martin Kilvady. It is a ver important issue for me to bring contemporary dance and performing art to rural region and people.
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