Mirjam Stadler

Dancer, music and dance teacher, choreographer as well as psychologist and nature and wilderness teacher, among others

After her dance training at the Orff Institute of the Mozarteum University, she regularly attends workshops with international course instructors* such as Alleyne Dance, Julien Hamilton, Laura Aris, Jose Agudo, Yaara Dolev, Andrew Harwood, Peter Jasko, David Zambrano, Frey Faust and many others in different dance styles (predominantly contemporary dance) and with different focuses.

As a dancer and performer Mirjam has appeared in various dance pieces and opera productions, including “Ulli Ullmann” by Transitheart Productions. As a member of the dance group “Das Collektif” she performed at various venues in Austria and Finland and with the “Salzburg Soundpainting Collective” at various venues in Salzburg.

Her own choreographies “Natur-Kräfte” and “Ein Tropfen Faszination” were performed in Salzburg and at the Halleiner Kulturtage.

In her artistic work, she combines the different areas of her education and lets dance, music, aspects of psychology and her connection to nature merge with each other.

Photo: Miroslaw Dworczak

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Mirjam Stadler