Lili Lee Jung In

Tänzerin, Choreographin

Present work,
∙ Freelance Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher
∙ Executive committee of ‘Seoul International Choreography Festival’,
‘Korea Dance Festival’ (The Modern Dance Promotion of Korea)
∙ Guest Choreographer of Atom Theater (Sofia, Bulgaria)
∙ Creative Director ‘Project Unit 828384’

Previous work,
∙ Korea National Contemporary Dance Company 2014~2015
∙ Derida Dance Company – Sofia, Bulgaria 2011~2013
∙ A.S.A(Average Speed of answer) – Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania co- production, 2011
∙ Meredith Nadler creation, Javier Sanchez Project -Berlin, Germany 2010~2011
∙ Cie Jolle Bouvier (2008), France, Korea
∙ Work with various Korean Artists 2005~2008