Jaskaran Singh Anand

Performance artist, computer specialist & Bollywood choreographer

Jaskaran Singh Anand (IN/AT) has been born in New Delhi, India, and lives in Linz, Österreich. He studied computer science, dance performance and pedagogic at the Anton-Bruckner-University (Linz) and currently works on his Master in Interface Culture (University of Art and Design Linz). His research is grounded on the “events of bordercrossing”: The nature of spirituality, the psychological self-concept as well as social and political questions of the World and its coherences is what fascinates him. Within his interdisziplinary work, Jaskaran applies different artistic media which repeatedly concenctrates on the human body. This mirrors the various topics from above.

Since 2009, Jaskaran performs, choregraphs and teaches all over Europe and in India as well and since 2012 he is a freelancing dance and performance artist. In his career, he collaborated with various dancing projects and short-film projects in India, Europa and USA. His social dance projects “A New Day” and ” “Hibernating further” has been supported by Linz Kultur. Further, Jaskaran was assistant choreographer of the indian motion picture “Haider” directed by Vishal Bardwai. In addition, he directs movement oriented workshops under the title “Moving Egos” and “Playful Bodies”. “Movin Egos” is a bodily-brain oriented physical workshop which combines practices from meditation, bodily awarness/concsiousness, whereas “Playful Bodies” is a derivation of “Moving Egos” and is an improvisation concept based on rhythm and playfulness within the own body and with other bodies as well.

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