Jaskaran  Anand

Performance artist & computer specialist

Born (1992) in New Delhi, India and has been living in Linz since 2015. His works are trans-disciplinary interventions based on intersections between performative-art, scientific & art- based research, and participatory-collaborative artistic practices : using choreography & dance as a method of communication in- & beyond- the traditional art and public spaces. He looks forward to crossing borders, in different depths of artistic media with a focus on the human body acting as an interface.
He is an internationally acclaimed artist working as a performance-maker-artist, Initiator, dancer-choreographer, pedagogue, researcher, and video dramaturge-editor.
He is a co-founder and chairperson of a Linz-based art ,cultural & research organization called trivium; it focuses on unravelling the cultural intersectionality present in human bodies.
His works have been presented across Austria, New Zealand and India in various media ; while developing projects aiming the diversification of the art & cultural scene of the city of Linz.

Photo: Max Biskup

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