Jänner 2019

ego portrait

OUT-SIDE-IN is ego portrait’s current research project.

The performance we are working on is not a show in a conventional way, we understand it as a performance process.
The aim is to create an honest dialogue. All participants, the performers and the audience, can give information from their inside out, as well as take the outside information in.

Therefore the term and meaning of responsibility is an important part of the research and the focus of the residency at Red Sapata.

We are looking for an honest physicality, individually and in connection with each other. Giving and receiving weight of the other, influencing and manipulating is a big part of the studio research, as well as in our daily communication.

ego portrait – a circus-dance perspective

is a performance duo, that deals artistically with the connection of partner acrobatics, dance and object manipulation. It was founded 2018 by Maja Karolina Franke, a trained dancer and Ralph Öllinger, who is specialized in object manipulation. Together we are doing partner acrobatics and exploring the similarities and differences between dance and juggling. We are researching on movement with the object and on movement with the subject.


19.01.2019, 12h 

after a two weeks residency at RedSapata TANZFABRIK we would like to share some material of we’ve came up so far and engage you in a dialogue.

Entrance: Pay as you wish

Residencies und Projekte