Winter 2021




Flirty Horse is an emerging art collective based in Linz, Austria. We are a group of professional and experienced, international artists coming from different areas of art e.g. theatre, dance, music, stage design, cinema etc. Our aim is to create interdisciplinary projects which comprise conventions, principles and tools of diverse disciplines. Thereby designing specific, peculiar and expressive artistic language, to authentically reflect on the phenomena of our contemporary reality. 




Artistic concept


  1. Start from movement

The three of us come from a contemporary dance background, and although we have had professional experience with Tanztheater it was exciting for us to start purely from movement without a specific dramaturgy behind.

The number 3 is an odd number to start with in terms of dance: it is very powerful but unbalanced, so our starting aim was having three bodies to move as one, always connected and avoiding falling into the easy configuration that is two bodies interacting while one gets left alone. 

One of our exercises was to travel through space with the rule that only two bodies can touch the floor, and the body in the air needs to be constantly changing. This generated a sort of alien body struggling with itself, and that gave us the first idea for our dramaturgic concept.


  1. Connected with sound

The development of movement and sound during the creative process has been completely interconnected, both adding new dramaturgical layers and feeding the other one with a clearer personality.

Both choreography and musical composition have been made by the same crew so the piece has advanced in a very open direction, assisting fresh ideas from the inside.


  1. Open ending

We do not want to force any interpretation of the piece or its ending. We came up with our own version but we are comfortable with the fact that the piece can be read in more than one way. This piece is a work in progress so we do not want to limit ourselves: as we work on it the piece can continue growing in size and content.





contemporary dance