Spring 2021:






Jerca Rožnik Novak: Dance and choreography 

Damian Cortes Alberti: Direction and choreography

Zala Dobovšek: Dramaturgy 

Produced by Plesni Teater Ljubljana 

Date of Premiere: 08.09.2021 Plesni Teater Ljubljana 



” I’m afraid of everything … I’m afraid of people, I’m afraid of relationships, I’m afraid of taxes, I’m afraid of meetings, I’m afraid of washing dishes, I’m afraid of boredom, I’m afraid of injury, I am sometimes really afraid of myself, I’m afraid of car rides , I’m afraid to drive, I’m afraid of a non-existent jobs, I’m afraid of shopping for clothes, I’m afraid of longer car rides, and short car rides, I’m afraid of emails, I’m afraid of telephone calls, I’m afraid of visiting the bank, I’m afraid of performances, I’m afraid of the lab- blood giving, I’m afraid of rehearsals, I’m afraid of auditions, I’m afraid of unannounced meetings, I’m afraid of the house renovation, I’m afraid  of closeness, I am afraid of our dog, I’m afraid of my grandfather’s death, I am afraid of the doctors appointment,  I’m afraid of new people with “normal” jobs, I am afraid of fighting with my family, or friends, actually I am afraid of fighting with anybody, I am afraid of failing, of success, of wrong and right, I am afraid of getting sick, I am afraid of online shoping, I am afraid of cooking a meal for someone, I’m afraid of everything that has been, will be, and may never happen at all,

I’m afraid, I’m afraid … I’m even afraid of this solo.


Creating problems and solutions to non-existent problems is my special ability. Fear is a basic survival mechanism. A mechanism that is triggered when a person is in danger. Fear is the ability to recognize danger and leads to the decision: to face danger or escape. This emotion and response are innate in us. We are born with fear. The real problem, arises when people react with fear not only to actual danger but also to expected, imaginary dangers. Poor body, it thinks it’s running away from the lion, but it’s just running away from washing the dishes. A sense of dread, a sense of imminent threat, with no actual danger. We can shake fear off, make fun of it with impunity, and make fun of ourselves. Interesting, we are able to bring ourselves to such adrenaline levels without having to face the real danger.

The piece explores fear as a concept framed in movement, dance and elements of theater.

A humorous approach to one of the darkest emotions. The performance is self-reflective and addresses all those who are afraid of something, are aware of it and may even find it unnecessary to be afraid, and yet they are. What is the difference between feeling fear and creating fear, how would fear look like as a character? How does the body react to fear and how does the body get rid of fear? The performance is a process of dealing with the fears for the dancer, however it as well offers a platform for the audience to recognize themselves in a dancer and refract on fears they have. “

contemporary dance, Research, Residency