Dolma Jover Agulló

dancer, teacher, choreographer and Doctoral student

Dolma Jover Agulló is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and Doctoral student in Linz. She completed her Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Arts at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität and earned a second bachelor’s degree in Choreography and Interpretation Techniques at the Superior Conservatory of Dance of Valencia. In addition, she earned a Grado Profesional de Danza in Contemporary Dance and Grado Elemental in Classical and Spanish Dance. She is currently a member of the Spanish Dance Research Association D + I and the International Dance Council CID, Paris.

Agulló established her professional dance career working as a dancer in various European dance companies and collectives. She has performed her pieces at such events as Ars Electronica Festival 2013 Linz, Kinetica Art Fair 2014 London, Dans/Technologies/Interactivities Festival 2014 Bucharest, Sound ART Köln 2014, and Zagreb Youth Theatre Croatia with Zagreb Dance Company, to mention some examples.

As an incipient dance researcher, she has also given lecture-performances at I Encuentro Internacional de Investigación Performativa, Creación, Comunicación y Socialización de las prácticas en danza Bilbao, Festi-Danza at the National Theatre of San Salvador, Symposium Dance and Migration Linz, and San Sebastian de la Gomera Choreographic Center. In 2015 she published her book Transcultural Body Dance Research.

Nowadays, she is creating a new artistic project related to her studies entitled Cachucha – Not Just a Spanish Dance. And in parallel, she is conducting dance workshops in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Colombia and Austria.

choreographer, dancer, Doctoral student, Dolma Jover Agulló