Dancing Club

Dance Club – Stage and Dance Talent Promotion

Are you … up for dance? … up for Stage? … up for Performance? … up for YOU?

If you want to learn from international dance professionals, this is the place to be! An intensive dance workshop will prepare you for stage and supports you individually. We want to help you to bring your dancing and on-stage performance to the next level and to bring forth and strengthen your individual expression to put yourself in perspective. It is not about competition; it is all about the artist within you who we want to bring to its best. Do you want to know more, experience more, learn more and to push your limits? And do you want to be creative by yourself at the same time? To sponge up every knowledge about state-of-the-art-dancing and to arouse your dancing beast? GOOD, then read on and contact us! …

The Dancing Club is a talent promotion program for young talents and interested people in the field of dancing and performing arts. A group of youths and young adults meet several times a week for intensive trainings which does not only impart dancing techniques, but trains and promotes on-stage capabilities, also. The focus is consciously set on a contemporary apporach which is topped off with international professionals. It is all about imparting plurality, stage skills and the raising of a future dancing elite, who is able to discuss and deal with artistic processes. Furthermore, the paricipants learn for life: additional skills which stimulate cooperative actions, strengthens self-confindence and raises self-value are automatically learned, too. So, the own artistical standing of every participant is challenged. It is not intended to compete oneself with the other participants, but to show one’s best, to orientate oneself within the dancing field and to enfold one’s indiviual style.

Our network of local and international guest supports the participants on the journey to become a connoisseur of dance. Due to our multiple dancing productions throughout the year, we continuously host professionals on site who produce dance with their finger on the pulse of the time and who are able to impart their knowledge. Therefore, an understanding of pluralism and broad skills can be formed. This is why we individually involve our guests into the Dancing Club and how we are able to contribute our projects, workshops, exchange/interchange and network.

Topics: contemporary and popular dance, presence, perception of body and space, stage skills & design of dancing performance.

For youths and young adults. For someone interested in steadily evolving his/herself or who wants to prepare oneself for attending professional dancing studies or for intensive dancing education.

Basic information:

  • Duration: November 2018 – June 2019
  • Up to 5 weekly trainings & workshops, individual choice
  • Contribution to dance projects
  • Performance(s)
  • Costs: 1548 € (or 129 € monthly), grants possible!
  • Pre-registration & application HERE…


Info workshop: June 14th/ September 19th/ October 24th each from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

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