Dance Collective Equilibrium

The dance collective Equilibrium

is endeavored to bring together people from diverse backgrounds concerning origin, culture, religion, age or other characteristics. Along the lines of ‘let’s do something together’ and the with the aim of performing a dance play which discuss contemporary topics like home (homeland), flight, integration, exclusion, a process will be initiated by putting the similarities (the common) on top of the separating. This dance improvisation and chorographical framing employ individual performances and understands the human being ‘as it is’ as enrichment. The integration of cultural and other human characteristics of ‘being’, are brought together in an authentical, sensual and homogenous dancing performance. The presentation of the completed dance play should function as an example and should stimulate a humane outlook which is completely free from any prejudice against any person regardless of their cultural or social origin, religion, generation.

Founder, director & chorographer: Hertha Müllegger,