Andressa Miyazato

Choreografin & Performerin

Andressa Miyazato is a Brazilian choreographer and performer with an established track record in Europe, where she has lived since 2007. Born in São José do Rio Preto – SP and after working for seven years with Cisne Negro Cia de Dança, Andressa has performed as a solo dancer repertoires of European companies of the Staatstheater Darmstadt (Germany) and Landestheater Linz (Austria), where she currently lives.

In recent years, parallel to her work as a performer, she has devoted herself to choreographic research and academic training, immersing herself in the pedagogy of dance for her master’s degree at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

Her outstanding achievements in dance theater earned her praise from the European press for her leading roles in productions such as “Die Brautschminkerin” (choreography: Mei Hong Lin) and “Ulrike Meinhof” (choreography: Johann Kresnik), which were nominated for the prestigious German theater award “Der Faust”.

In 2013 Andressa Miyazato received a nomination as “Hopeful” in the Yearbook Dance, followed by a nomination in the category “Dancer of the Year 2017” in the renowned platform “” and the award “Friends of the Linz Music Theater”.
as dancer of the year.

Her participation in the creative processes inevitably led her to seek her own ways of interpreting and also creating, looking to her academic background for elements that would lend authority to her artistic visions and concerns. As a creator, she has an expressive eye for narratives that draw on the transformative power of the
Art through experiments of collective memory, identity and the
empathy are directed, enriched by Intercultural dialogue and her new study of postcolonialism and decoloniality, which has advanced artistic collaborations around the world.

Her latest production, “Fleurs du Crépuscule” – December 2019 – was a collaboration with renowned French composer Jean-Jacques Lemêtre (Théâatre du Soleil), performer Guqin Li-Yu You and students from the National University of Arts in Taiwan, Taipei.

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