10+10 Brücken (10+10 Bridges)

Creative working processes in the fields of dance/theater/film/video to build bridges between people and communities

Focus points:

2016/17: People with refugee background and ‘locals’ – work with dance/theater/video

2017/18: People with refugee background and ‘locals’ –  work with dance/theater and focus upon the ‘Theater of Oppressed’ by Augusto Boal

2018/19: People with Chechen background and ‘locals’ – work with dance and theater (physical theatre)

’10+10 Brücken’ has been awarded with the price ‘Stadt der Vielfalt’ (2016/17) and has been nominated for the Europe-wide AMATEO Award (2019). Out of 65 European projects, the international jury selected ’10+10 Brücken’ as one of the five best and oustanding leading projects.

Fotos: Mick Morley, Fivos Salahas, Otto Pölzl, Ulrike Hager

Videoauszüge / Trailer & Zusammenschnitte:

10 +10 Brücken, Residency