Join Us

Join Us.

Conditions to become a member of the RedSapata Tanzfabrik

As artist you have the opportunity to become a member of our association and get access to our ressources for free or for a reduced charge. This includes the utilization of the rehearsal room and the thechnical equipment, public representation on our channels.

Rights and Obligations of the membership

  • Opportunity of co-creation in the Association
  • Creating a profil on the website and promotion of your activities
  • Discounts for specific workshops/events
  • Networking and interconnection with other artists within the scope of the membership meetings
  • Free usage of the rehearsal room


  • You are a self-employed artist
  • You realize non-commercial, independent contemporary productions of performing arts (dancing arts in particullar)
  • You can identify yourself with the RedSapata Tanzfabrik and the idea of interconnection and networking
  • You know about the challanges and accept the regulations which guaranty a manageable rehearsal and workshop business

Other requirements

  • You make considerations for other artists
  • You make considerations for the provided ressources and infrastructor and understand that RedSapata is no service point. Instead RedSapata is a mainly voluntary organized association which makes an effort to facilitate your production as well as your rehearsal without a guaranty to meet all desires and wishes.
  • In the same way as the RedSapata Tanzfabrik represents its members, so do you as a member represent the RedSapata Tanzfabrik. The inward and outward mutual respect and appreciation between board, member and other stakeholders is important and has to be ensured.

How to become a member?

What happens after the application?

  • The board decides on your admittance as member. If there is a positive desicion you will recieve following information as new member:
  • You get a link with the actual schedule of the RedSapata Tanzfabrik, so you can apply for free slots for your rehearsal (if needed).
  • You receive an  payment instruction for the membership fee (63 Euro per year) as electronic invoice
  • A artist profile will be created on the website (which could talk up to 4 weeks after admittance).
  • Your telephone number will be added to a private Whatsapp-group (“free space”). This group is only intended for actual members to inform other members about last-minute room cancelations or reservations. This facilitates the organization of room occupancy and helps other members to grab the rehearsal room. If you don’t want to be part of this group, please let us know!

You have the opportunity to keep us up-to-date about your activities! If you repost dates or information via facebook or newsletter, please send us the links/info, so we can repost them for our other members, too. Regarding facebook: we repost only, we do not create extra posts for our members (exceptions possible); and for the newsletter: please provide us with the information 3 weeks in advance!

Space usage

  • The link to the schedule (which you will recieve after admittance) you can check for available rehearsal time (you will get a password also)
  • Use the form (link above the schedule) to send us a notification about your desired rehearsal time or send us an email to
  • Maximum reservation time: 4 hours per day. If you need more time, please let us know. We can make a reservation for more time, but fixed reservation only for 4 hours – therefore don’t forget to tell us which hours should be granted for sure; the expiring time remains variable and can be canceled via SMS in urgent cases by us 48 hours in advance (should occur rarely). Due to blocked rehearsals residency guests will recieve more hours.
  • After completition of your rehearsal, please sign in the rehearsal list on the schedule. You will find the schedule posted on the info board in the “Büroeck” (outward, on the vitreous schedule board). This is necessary to inform us about presence/non-presence.
  • Free usage of the rehearsal room for members!