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Sonnenstein Loft – GRAND OPENING

Oktober 22 @ 18:00 - 23:30

Save the date, mate!

22.10.2021 sounds already promising by its’ harmonized numbers; 2-1-0. But what if you add to it a feeling of a count down? The moment before the climax! Oh boy. Do you feel that tingeling senseation as I do? The night before the premiere. Yes, that’s it. Keep on reading.
Spray your wigs, sharpen your high heels, polish the moves.. cause we (yes, you and your friends are gonna be there too!) are gonna partei! NtsNtsNnnnntsiiiyeah!
Bring your personalized outfit with, including a styled up face mask if regulations require one. Cause who knows, maybe eventually we all will dance on vacuumized full body condoms on zoom. (Additional information follows: Did you know that some ballet dancers actually trained wrapped up in plastic in order to sweat more hoping to loose some weight? Crazy world we are living in!)
Also, let’s not loose the thread.
Come and get to know our new space before it has that delicate il formaggio scent of sweaty dance toes with a hint of apfelessige armpit dressing to it (Ah che A la carte fabulosso!) and get the prime chance to roll on the newly spreadded AND washed dance floor without parmecano on your face. Dance the night away with our DJane Helix who will throw the cheese out of the window and strike-shoot that particano beat straight into your vains.
Programm will remain as a surprise, as we want to deliver you our very best magician effects and gain your uuh-aah-uuhlalaas of surprises.
We though have one request; please, do, in the heavens sake, make sure you 3-4-5G yourself before entering. We want to make sure we all come out of this alive and can start to dance on our hot programm of HERBST TRIMESTER from 4.10 onwards.
As a tipp:
On Friday 1.10 you have the chance to train your moves with LYRICAL FRIDAY SPECIAL with Anni & Julia. See our other event for that
So peeps,
See you soon, shall we?!?

Ilona Roth

23:27 (vor 6 Minuten)


Oktober 22
18:00 - 23:30