SOS-Menschenrechte (SOS Human Rights) works as a human rights organization on the realization of an open society which is characterized by democracy, plurality, tolerance and which is ready for dialog and solidarity. SOS-Menschenrechte consider themeselves as a panel of mature citicens of a lively civil society. To participate on the societal and political discourse is our right and our duty. That is why we realized the project 10+10 Brücken together with SOS-Menschenrechte which takes place consistently.

Institutions of Financial Fundings

The cultural administration of the City of Linz and of the Council of Upper Austria support us financially with a steady flow of fundings., Single projects are often supported by other instituions like Politische Bildung, Zukunftsfonds und Integrationsoffensive des Landes OÖ.


There exists a close-cooperation with the tanzhafenfestival in terms of interchanging ressources and personal. The last festival took place in April/Mai 2019. Photos: Otto Pölzl, Ulrike Hager


In the course of the 10th aniversary of the RedSapata Tanzfabrik, there is an intensiv cooperation with the Posthof stage, contemporary cultur at the port. Also for the the tanzhafenfestival, the Posthof Linz is a steady cooperation partner. / Photos: Otto Pölzl

Tabakfabrik Linz

The history of the Tabakfabrik (tobacco factory) is a moving one: for 341 years the spot has been used as a production place, first for textiles and later for tobacco products. In 1850, the Tabakfabrik has been established to maintain the buildings as a production place in Linz after the woolen goods production (Wollzeugfabrik) has gone bankrupcy. Due to this act during the financial emergency, the Tabakfabrik became a symbol of recovery through transition.
The todays area has been built in stages during the 1930s, at the rock bottom of the Great Depression. With an autopoietic system in mind (see more below) the different sub-areas should evolve, organize and sustain themeselves from within mainly. The core message was: clear rules, no hurdles. The Tabakfrabrik took and takes its actions due to four core principles: partizipation, transparency, openness and sustainability. With the help of specific fundings of transdiziplinary cooperations, the social, economical and cultural milieus consolidate. The Tabakfabrik Linz understands itself as a sum of its parts, as the first collaborative corporation. Here, we found our home!

KUPF – Kulturplattform

We are members of the KUPF – Kulturplattform (cultural platform)! Since 1986, the KUPF represents the interests of independent artistic and cultural initiatives.