The Association.

The RedSapata Tanzfabrik is a non-profit association and is supported by the Promotion of Arts and Culture of the City of Linz, of the State of Upper Austria and of the Office of the Federal Chancellor. Dancers, choreographers and dancing artists of all kinds find herein a place of activity. It functions as a rehearsal room, a technic pool, a platform of information and advertisement as well as a panel for interchange and networking.

Additionally, to impart the contemporary dance as “learnable tool”, courses of various divisions for lay and dancing approved people are offered by freelancing dancers. Here, residencies, workshops with international training staff as well as showings (open spaces) take place to complete the range.

As a place of regional and international interconnection, RedSapata has the aim to establish the contemporary dance. Therefore, it offers free resources to dancing artist supporting them with the best possible realization of their artistic dancing projects.