The Association.

RedSapata TANZFABRIK is a non-profit association and is supported by art and cultural funding from the City of Linz, the Province of Upper Austria and the Federal Chancellery. Dancers, choreographers and dance artists of various styles find here a place to create, rehearse, meet and exchange with local and international colleagues. The artistic work of the community is supported by RedSapata TANZFABRIK in the form of offering a rehearsal and performance space with technical support, providing a platform and network for information sharing and advertising as well as acting as a forum for artistic exchange and networking.

In order to convey contemporary dance for the local audience and dance enthusiasts, professional freelance dancers also offer courses in various disciplines for amateurs and people with dance experience. Residencies, workshops with international instructors as well as showings (Open Spaces) also take place here.

RedSapata, as a regional and international networking center aims to improve a more established and solid status for contemporary dance within the arts and cultural scene and to provide dance artists free resources to realize their dance art projects in the best possible way.

With our new venue – the “Sonnenstein Loft” – we follow up with the current development of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary art movement within the performing arts and offer a broader approach to movement art. Our new “hybrid art space” welcomes media artists, dancers, theatre makers and fine artists of all sorts.” ->

board of directors: Ulrike Hager, Ilona Roth

advisors: rotating local artists

program curator: Anni Taskula