Performance Projekttage Linz

Performance Projekttage Linz

Announcement of Performance-Project-Days Linz

Addressed to participants working in the fields of Performance Art and Contemporary Dance

These project days want to offer a (workshop) format of common working and additionally cause a closer networking of local artist and an exchange of national and international artists.

At the last evening of the workshop, the 1st of December 2012, there will be a possibility for the participants to show the created performances in the frame of a public event at an art venue in Linz – of course voluntarily.

Monica Klingler’s background is dance, Boris Nieslony clearly comes from Fine Arts. Both are committed to performance art for decades and temporarily form a team offering workshops Europe-wide, realising and accompanying projects.

Way of working_Monica Klingler

“What is a body? What is being? What is being a body? The human body as material and immaterial composition of spaces, energies, echoes, vibrations, reactions. Unknown and yet familiar movement and impulses inhabit the recesses of our body. They are embodied in us and they move us. Different ways of finding movement – and body images in ourselves, of embodying these images and freeing them into space and time will be proposed and examined.”

Way of working_Boris Nieslony

Physical and body states as an empirical class working on the language of emotions using objects or without. Body-point of view and its materiality. The actions are based on material and linguistic description. „Performance is an abstract word and needs a vehicle to become specific. The vehicle with the strongest quality is the human being.“ This strength consists in the simultaneity of all human singularities and the „unknown“ within everybody – soft anarchy/versus/monologizing arrogance by the official systems of meaning. The exchange participant is the sovereign like the giving one. Let that in the Performance be, what is in the metaphysic: the break of the coherent discourse – the dumbfounded as the derailed as well.

We are looking forward to your applications!!! Ilona and Elisa


26th November – 1st December 2012: Workshop

25th November 2012: arrival day

2nd December 2012: departure day

Application and information:

Deadline of application: 30th Oktober 2012

Application: We ask for following data:

Name, address, email address, telephone number. Artistic background (short overview) and max. 5 sentences about your motivation to participate.

Participation fee: Euro 180,-

Number of participants: max.15 persons

Accommodation costs and travel costs have to be covered by the participants themselves.

The organisers will support in booking the accommodation.



_Youth hostel

_dormitory (lowest priced accommodation)


Elisa Andessner und Ilona Roth, Kulturverein Fine and Performing Arts, Kreuzstraße 10/1/8, 4040 Linz, Austria

The project days get support from Land OÖ and Linz Kultur.