Fresh Fishes

Fresh Fishes

01 – 07 October 2012 in Tanzzentrale Fürth e.V.

Frische Fische“ is a workshop for choerography, especially for young male and female dancers, in which they shall improve and develop. Each young dancer gets the possibility to evolve and show their own choreopraphic language. The dancers will get an insight into the choreographic process by daily training and lessons with a view into conceptionel composition. At the end everybody is able to develop and create his/her own solo.

What is being offered by „Frische Fische„?
You will get a daily contemporary practice and a rehearsal of a little repertoire for trying-out, combined with an insight into different stylistic devices of choreography and conceptional composition. Based on this knowledge you will create a self-choreographed solo, where we are going to assist and help you – finally there will be a little showing, where everybody presents his/her piece of work. All of which is taking place at the „Tanzzentrale Fürth e.V.“ (south Germany), a professional place for dancers and choreographers. The aim is to built up an atmosphere of communication and cooperation between the dancers. After the workshop every participant will get a DVD and photos of his/her worked on material.

Conditions of participation for „Frische Fische„?
We are looking for 8 – 12 young dancers, who have just recently finished their professional dance education or are still learning to become a dancer and which are interested in choreographic work. The ability to work in a team and the contribution of your ideas are important requirements, although a strong technique is not.

Please send us the following:
CV + photo, linked video material (if available!)
a short motivation letter about the issue/idea you want to work on in that week (5-6 phrases, everything is possible!)

mail to:

Deadline will be the 15th of august.
Participation of the workshop only by invitation!

Charge for the selected dancers will be 125€ for the whole week/7 days.
Some of the sleeping places are available for free. If possible,
please find your own accomodation.
Unfortunately costs for travelling can’t be paid.

With: Jennifer Bopp – glideKreis
Sebastian Eilers – SETanztheater
Eva Borrmann – plan mee