Video Dance Academy –
02/09 – 09/09/2012
Linz, Austria

Join the Adventure!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This week in Linz is going to be an experience directed to dance artists and dancers who want to dive into the world of dance film making. The workshop is designed to foster your abilities as a dance improviser and composer as well as to teach you how to make a dance video by using from little to big means. This week should lead you to the result of an art work which you can “take away”: ready to present on whatever platform you wish. Either as a group work or you work individually. You are free to choose your method of work and take our advice as you please. At the end you may present your work, it can either be a dance performance, a video performance or both. Our teachers and organizers are there to support your development and give you some tools that they gathered along their ways. Use this opportunity to network, share, collaborate and dig into technology. 

The Frame Set

Each day you will have a warm up class lead by a contemporary dancer and then a class for dance improvisation and composition. You can use this material to work on in the other labs. In the afternoon you have a 3-hours-dance-video class, where the coaches explain you how to make a dance video and help you to make your own work. After that you are free to use the time to set your ideas together in the workspace. You can either gather in groups or work individually. A showing is supposed to happen by the end of the week. This is an opportunity to present your work and share it with the local audience. We will record these performances, make photographs and provide you with material that you can use for your website or other promotional purposes (all in accordance to your colleagues and you).

The Space and the City

The workshop space is a huge old industry hall, located in the old factory called “Tabakfabrik”, which recently stopped its tobacco productions and is now developing into a venue where art, culture and events are happening. You will be seeing it right at the start of its new development with all the industrial flair still there, nearly unchanged. This special hall is called the “End-verpackungshalle” meaning the old packaging place for the cigarette packs and now it is the homebase of “RedSapata Tanzfabrik” which is a networking dance organization for local contemporary dance artists providing production space and different kinds of support. 

And here some links in order to see what we some people did with that space regarding dance video filmings:

Link 1:
This is a trailer video by Fivos Salahas for Transitheart Productions

Link 2:
This is a dance video: performed by Nadine Horváth | choreographed by Daniel Morales Peréz | Music by Vicente Amigo (Part 1), Yann Tiersen (Part 2) | Film produced by Leonie & Nik

About the city:

Linz has been cultural capital of Europe 2009 and is known from having changed from industrial city to cultural hotspot. Every year the famous Ars Electronica Festival is happening, a major media art festival for art, technology and society. This year it will last until the 3rd of September, so the first day you might get a glimpse of what is happening around the Ars Electronica Festival site. Linz is a vivid city, full of activities, especially since 2009 you find a city full of new architecture, cultural hotspots, nice green areas and lots of things to do. 

For more information about the city see:

For more about the Ars Electronica Festival see:


What does it cost?

We tried to summon all forces and get the cheapest out for you. In the following price the workshop as well as the accommodation (more people in one room) is included:

462 Euros

The accommodation is either a sleeping room with more beds or a shared apartment where some of you share rooms. We try to provide a good standard, so you will be able to cover your needs. Please be aware that this is not a hotel standard stay since we try to make it as affordable as possible for you.


Deadline for Participants

Since we can not host an incredible number of people and we would love to be able to work individually we would like you to write us some short sentences why you wish to join this workshop and stating your professional level. Please note that you need to at least be a dance student (university or academy level) to be able to take this workshop. The deadline for the application is the following:

First Round: 15.07.2012 

 Late Round: 15.08.2012

Please apply with all your information to:


We decided on two deadlines in case we have to make a clearer selection. Please know that if you really wish to participate it’s important to apply to the first deadline! Please provide us with your full name, address, email-contact and in case you have a website, then the site-address as well. Give us information in case you wish to sleep in a single hotel room. In this case we have to warn you that this might exceed the workshop price.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Linz!

All the information about classes, working schedule and the team:


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