lapalomablanca: Die Hochzeit

Project: And In the End We will Have Wanted to Be Upon the Earth, Part 2


Lapalomblanca with sponsorship from RedSapata Tanzfabrik

Location: Freinberg, Linz. Start point, Barbara Kapella.

Date: September 6, 2012

Time: 18:30- unfolding

Elements: Principle of belonging investigated through metaphors in cross-cultural traditions of  marriage-courtship, engagement, wedding. Union between man/woman, woman/man, woman/woman, man/woman. Ultimately, man/woman/forest, human/earth.

Mobile Audience led through the forest via developing theatrical narrative delivered by dramaturge.

1 fixed installation/space to be evolved by visitors

3 group sites for dance, all with soundscapes (live, mixed-on-site, composed), and lighting.

Film projection, Journey.

Artistic Direction/Choreography/Concept: Josseline Black (US)

Performers/Dancers: Elias Buttinger (AT) , Lydia Teibler (AT) , Monica Nagl (AT), Sally Betinzane (GR), Josseline Black (US), Desmond Desmondosigbo (GH) , Ilona Roth (GR), Michi Vo (AT), Celeste Young-film appearance (US)

Photography: Stefan Weninger (AT), Mehraneh Atashi (IR)

Dramaturgy: Andreas Wipplinger (AT)

Original Score: Mathias Mink (AT)

Audio Production: David Chalupar aka Thizzla (AT)

Live band: RedMachete (Linz, At)

Singer/Rapper: Michael Ojo, Hinterland (AT)

Painting: Jules Muck (US)

Graphic design: Youri Marko (CH)

Advisors: Rafael Ollincoatl Esparza (US)

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