This class is directed to all those who love dancing freely.
The units are a mix between freedance and impulse dance and are meant to raise your fun and vitality in dance as a contribution to a happier lifestyle.
tanz!dich.frei: dance free: crazy, easy, tender, playful, vital, authentic – letting happen what is there in the moment with oneself and with others. Free from directions, rules and judgements with music syles like Oriental, Afro, Soul, Ethno/World, Balkan, Classic, Jazz, Rock,…
tanz!dich.impuls: dance, move, experiment, play, feel – improvise according to your impulses, full of variety and surprises. Our input gives you space to set free your own movement patterns and enjoy them.

every Monday, 8-9:30 pm / start 7.9.2015

dates in July and August available, ask Gabi or Verena for more information!

Drop-In anytime. No dance experience needed.

fee:  13,00 Euros per session, 5-times-card 60 Euros, 10-times-card 100,00 Euros

registration & info: 0650/21 22 505 gabi.troller@aon.at or 0680/55 30 406 verena.forster@gmx.net

teachers:  Gabi Troller and Verena Forster
Gabi Troller is Pedagogue for Integrative Dance, Freedance-Trainer, and registered Body-Vitaltrainer as well as registered health trainer 50+
Verena Forster is pedagoge for dance and expression, social economist

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