Anita Gritsch: Body Music

Workshop – thu 25/5. 3-5 pm (Body Music in Movement) & fri 26/5. 11 am- 1 pm (Percussive Dances) // 20 € per workshop

Body Music in Movement // thursday May 25

As one might guess from the name, the focus in Body Music is on the body – our own tremendous resource for making music and moving while doing so. This workshop focuses on the connection between the visual and the audible. Time, space, force and form are the axes around which music and movement revolve. We add rhythm as another ingredient to this magic square and playfully vary the intensity of those four coordinates…

Percussive Dances // friday May 26 

A catchword: “Schuhplatteln”. The rhythm in which we move also becomes audible – this is what characterizes a percussive dance. Around the globe, there are numerous different traditions of this very basic form of human bonding, moving together and expressing ourselves through rhythm. This workshop moves from a geographically closer form (Schuhplatteln) to more distant territories (Gumboots), summing up the essence of percussive dance as we use hands and feet to invent our own tradition.

teacher: Anita Gritsch

Anita is a facilitator and artist in the areas of music, movement and language, with a strong focus on body music/body percussion. She studied Rhythmics/Music and Movement Education in Vienna; Bobby McFerrin, Fernando Barba and Keith Terry were some of her teachers, among other great artists. The topics she is particularly interested in are learning processes that involve the body, connections between movement and rhythm, as well as group dynamics. Anita offers workshops and seminars to a range of target groups at universities, schools and other institutions in Europe and overseas (frequently in Brazil, but also in Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia and other countries). She creates her own stage projects (e.g. the children’s play “Müller & Schöller” or the Body Music performance project with Octopus Inc.), travels a lot in order to teach, collaborates with other artists and performs, e.g. at the International Body Music Festival, with the group Barbatuques or the percussion band Maracatu Minimal.

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