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RedSapata Tanzfabrik is a cultural network space that provides infrastructure for professionals dancers and choreographers who produce dance art work independently. We offer the space to connect, cooperate and co-create. Performing dance arts are our main focus and therefore we work together with professional artists who are building their career or have their career built already. In order to get all sort of people together and also to promote the benefits of contemporary danc we also offer our space as a platform for workshops and classes for beginners and non-dancers who are willing to dive into the world of dance technique and dance art. Those classes and workshops are all independently organized and held by the artits that we represent and allow people to be close to the actual developments in the arts’ scene. RedSapata Tanzfabrik works as a non-profit-association and was found by Emmanuelle Vinh and Ilona Roth in 2008. It receives subsidies from the city of Linz and the Upper Austrian government.

RedSapata we are here

The board members 2016 are:


Ilona Roth

Ilona Roth a freelance dancer, actress, choreograph and teacher within the performing arts field. She was educated in musical theatre in Augsburg and Munich and received a scholarship to dance with New York’s leading dancers. She graduated from theBruckner Private University in Linz where she studied contemporary dance. She performed and worked internationally, e. g. in Uruguay, Egypt, Serbia, Italiy, France, Denmark, Greece and Germany. She is co-founder and head of the RedSapata cultural initiative. She is responsable for different artistic projects since 2006; Ilona Roth is the award winner of the Spoleto OPEN Awards 2012 (Spoleto, Italy). Information about her artistic work: www.transitheart-productions.com.

Hertha Müllegger

H. M. has a long carrer within the context of dance and movement as dancer, choreographer and movement analyst. Since 1995 she built up and lead the dance department of the “Pro mente Linz Kunst und Kultur”. Founder of the Dance Collective KuK. 2010 as a freelancer: founder of the dance collective Equilibrium. Some performance spaces: Probebühne Kuk, Kunstraum Goethestrasse, Oxymoron, Theater Maestro and more. 2008 festivals: Sichtwechsel, Lange Nacht der Bühnen. some important projects: 2005 „Als Johny nicht kam“, 2009„Nolimetangere“, 2011 „Involve me“ , 2012 „My home is where I am“ . Other activities: 2007 non-fiction book: Edition Pro mente „Spiele“ 2011 Akut lyric award – sencond prize. Since 2012 honorary member of the board of RedSapata Tanzfabrik. Philosophy of life: „just do it“ and „step by step“!

photo: mirek Dvorczak

 Ulrike Hagerulli - foto Arnold Walter


Born 1975 in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, finished higher technical studes for industrial engineering. Graduated in contemporary dance at the  IDA – Institut/ Anton Bruckner Private University Linz and at the SNDO Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten/ Amsterdam, member of the editta braun company and Social Impact – Association for art and action research. Ulrike Hager lies and works in Linz as a freelance dancer, choreograph, dance teacher and movement coach.

photo: Arnold Walter


Doris Roth

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Doris Roth  supports RedSapata since the start and became part of the board of directors in 2013 as the sole “non-professional dancer”. She is doing performance and theatre art and studies molecular biology at the university in Linz and Salzburg. doris.roth@redsapata.com

Lena Setzwein

IMG_8750webLena Setzwein is working as a freelance dance teacher since 2009. 2012 she moved to Linz and is now working as movement and dance teacher for the “Musikschulwerk Oberösterreich”.  She also works as a freelance choreographer. There are some very motivated young people, who would like to get more in contact with the art of contemporary dance, so she decided to start a dance company for young people. In 2012 she started the project “ZeiTTanz”, a rehearsal and performance program for talented adolecents. Her aim is to offer possibilties for young people who are interested in dance and would like to work more in the field.  lena.setzwein@gmx.at





natascha Wöss c) otto pölzlNatascha Wöss

Natascha Wöss is Board Member since end of 2015 and very active not only as a dancer .

She is freelance artist / Butoh – dancer / costume ; Study / Textile Design / Art University Linz ; 1993 Start WITH Butoh – dance with Carlotta Ikeda , Ko Murobushi , Tadashi Endo , Masaki Iwana , Yumiko Yoshioka , Kanazawa Butoh Kan , Atsushi Takenouchi , Yuko Kaseki . She lives in Linz ; Engagements in dance , -Theater- u . etc. opera productions TEN PEN Chii art labor / Yumiko Yoshioka , Dock 11 , Theater Hallesches Ufer / Berlin , Theater Orpheum / Graz , Projekttheater Vorarlberg , KosmosTheater Vienna , Landestheater Niederbayern / Passau Photo : Otto Pölzl

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