Our Dance Space

Since 2012, we are located in the storage hall of the Tabakfabrik (entrance at administrative centre, barrier at Ludlgasse 19, www.tabakfabrik-linz.at). The industrial design of this space is of particular importance for our dancers, because of its unique width and hight which can be seen as a source of inspiration. We left everything as it is and moved in with only dance floor and a few things. This offers great opportunities for adaptation and a variety of activities!

RedSapata Dance Factory understands itself as a platform and a networking organization who mainly offers infrastructure. That’s how artists, performing arts teachers, workshop leaders and other people who need dance space, can evolve their ideas. The creative, contemporary and/or artictic approach to the activities that happen here is important to us.

Everybody who needs space for dance / performing arts activities is welcome to contact us: office@redsapata.com

Our services regarding space:

– rent of dance floor for art performances/events (df 1: 6 x 6 m black or white, df 2: 13 x 6 m black or white)

– dance floor/ music equipment /studio (permanent df in our space: 8 x 14 m grey, 8 x 9 m red, expansion possible)

– depending on the event additional marketing activities (website, social media, etc.)

– scheduling / rent of studio / individual payment schemes

Important: we are not event organizers. Our space is mainly used for the development of professional dance productions. All activities that happen here have to be non-commercial, alternative and self organized classes/workshops/jams/showings etc. that are lead by individuals, not companies or any other kind of organizations. In some cases we may allow companies to use the space if it fits to the artistic/societal/creative/quality approach that we pursue. We are happy about everyone who brings new ideas and activities to this space!

Information about space, fees, visits: office@redsapata.com or fill in the form above. We will be glad to get back to you!

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