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Dagmar Dachauer Rosalie Wanka Ilona Roth
Josseline Black Ulrike Hager
Lena Setzwein Tamara Kronheim
Bianca Anne Braunesberger Natascha Wöss Hertha Müllegger
Sali Batinzane Theresa Dückelmann Claudia Kreiner
Marina Koraiman Sara Lanner Marina Gruen
Nadine Marie Sambs Hygin Delimat Jean Bernard Fontus
Doris Roth Werner Flasch  Anni Taskula
Arnulfo Prado Ravagli Nicole Baïer Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser
Anna Ach Thomas Nygaard  Sonia Borkowicz
Elias Buttinger Karin Kocher-Krenmayr Alja Ferjan
Inge Gappmaier Markus Eggensperger Sina Heiss
Damian Cortes

Dagmar Dachauer

Dagmar has studied dance at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten/Netherlands (BA) as well as at p.a.r.t.s. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) Brussels/Belgium.
Her own works, which include interdisciplinary collaborations, were so far shown in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. She has been working as freelance dancer (Dance/Performance Group T.r.a.s.h., NL) performer and choreographer in Austria and abroad. Besides Dagmar plays the ukulele and the piano. As Mezzo-Soprano she has been singing in various choires (a.o. Landesjugendchor Oberösterreich). Since 2010 Dagmar is part of the organizational and artistic core of Spiel-Festival Andorf/Austria .


Tamara Kronheim

“Since 2009 I am working besides of my masterstudies as freelancer and pedagogue in linz and around. I am interested in dance which handles with social, emotial aspects and moods, in a physical and energetic way. I like to work on movement quality and with movement which appears through inner attitude or emotion. I also worked in projects of AMS (ArbeitsMarktService) Linz and I am teaching with Stefan Krinner together argentine tango in Linz and around.”


Bianca Anne Braunesberger

Bianca Anne Braunesberger – freelance dancer/choreographer and fashion-/costumedesigner, born 1987. Already during her education to a versatile dancer, danceteacher and yogateacher in Munich and besides her engagement at States Opera Munich in the beginning of 2012 for „Zugvögel“, a piece from Jiri Kylian, under choreographical instructions of Karine Guizzo, she found her own company tauschfühlung together with musician Stefan Zotter. Self-taught, she learned how to sew and design fashion in the age of 14. That is why she cannot let go of designing costumes for her own dancepieces. In the campaign „an urban indian lovestory“, with Bollywood dancer Padmaya,  she confronts the audience in a humorous way with troubles in crosscoltural communication.
Bianca Anne B. is a solodancer e.g.  for the artists Ulrike Stelzer and Elke Sackel, Art-Festival „Perspektiven Attersee“ and is choreographing in urban fields for example in cooperation with loscaballeroscrew and pnb/fridayjamcrew in „bayrischer Hof“ and different Shows. The passionate Hip Hop dancer and bgirl annebe, got her contemporary dance-education mostly in Germany, Austria and Spain; Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance, Intensive Summertraining CobosMika (Palamos), Forsythe Company Masterclass (Hamburg) and Toula Limnaios (Berlin). Besides her work as a dancer and choreographer, she has been part of the organisationteam of tanzhafenFESTIVAL 2013 and is interested in Rap, Ayurveda, Canvas-Painting and Video-art. ( /


Josseline Black

“The choreography I make  emerges from stories, the stories which seem common but in reality can be seen as highly surreal. Those in my life, those in literature, those stereotypes, portraits of characters in public. I work with “”technicality”” in my choreography as a way of abstracting these basic themes I study. I want my works, which in their physicality evolved out of my training (ballet, brown technique, graham technique, west-african, hip-hop, somatics), to involve the viewer in such a way that they “”remember some feeling they have forgotten”. Theories regarding participation and interaction are important for my work. In addition, I have a strong interest in locating movement where “”movement wants to be located””. Some kind of archaeology is required to find a place where a dance can be made. I do this research, intuitively and academically, and do my best to produce  honest representations of body/feeling. Living and performing cannot be divorced.  Awareness is the only tool to navigate these waters.”

Rosalie Wanka

Rosalie Wanka, studied Ballet at the State Opera Ballet Schools in Munich and Vienna and contemporary Dance and Pedagogics at the anton Bruckner Privat University Linz. As a Dancer she worked for Cie off Verticality (AT), Cie Déjà Donné (IT), Xavier LeRoy&Marten Spangberg (FR/SE), Netzwerk AKS (AT/DE), Dali Touiti (TU/DE), Vertigo Tango (AR), Ismael Ivo (BR). She got invited to dance and to teach contemporary Dance and Argentine Tango to Festivals throughout Europe and Latin America.
In 2009 she founded together with Cecilia Loffredo the Cia. Quiero Ser Agua and got invited with own productions to Austria, Germany, Tcheck Republic, Argentina, Brasil, Cuba and Mexico.

Ilona Roth

Ilona Roth a freelance dancer, actress, choreographer and teacher within the performing arts field. She was educated in musical theatre in Augsburg and Munich and received a scholarship to dance with New York’s leading dancers. She graduated from the Bruckner Private University in Linz where she studied contemporary dance. She performed and worked internationally, e. g. in Uruguay, Egypt, Serbia, Italiy, France, Denmark, Greece and Germany. She is co-founder and head of the RedSapata cultural initiative. She is responsable for different artistic projects since 2006; Ilona Roth is the award winner of the Spoleto OPEN Awards 2012 (Spoleto, Italy). Information about her artistic

Ulrike Hager

Born 1975 in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, finished higher technical studies for industrial engineering. Graduated in contemporary dance at the  IDA – Institut/ Anton Bruckner Private University Linz and at the SNDO Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten/ Amsterdam, member of the editta braun company and Social Impact – Association for art and action research. Ulrike Hager lives and works in Linz as a freelance dancer, choreograph, dance teacher and movement coach.

Hertha Müllegger

H. M. has a long carrer within the context of dance and movement as dancer, choreographer and movement analyst. Since 1995 she built up and lead the dance department of the “Pro mente Linz Kunst und Kultur”. Founder of the Dance Collective KuK. 2010 as a freelancer: founder of the dance collective Equilibrium. Some performance spaces: Probebühne Kuk, Kunstraum Goethestrasse, Oxymoron, Theater Maestro and more. 2008 festivals: Sichtwechsel, Lange Nacht der Bühnen. some important projects: 2005 „Als Johny nicht kam“, 2009„Nolimetangere“, 2011 „Involve me“ , 2012 „My home is where I am“ . Other activities: 2007 non-fiction book: Edition Pro mente „Spiele“ 2011 Akut lyric award – sencond prize. Since 2012 honorary member of the board of RedSapata Tanzfabrik. Philosophy of life: „just do it“ and „step by step“!

Claudia Kreiner

Claudia Kreiner graduated in dance in Linz and then studied choreography at the Middlesex University in London. She is also a Pilates Teacher (Center Circle Munich / Christin Kuhnert) and is interested for alternative movement methods such as Yoga, Gyrokinesis® and many more. Currently she is teaching Pilates, Yogilates and Dance for Children. She explicitly concentrates on anatomical approaches to movement. Fostering the creative potential of our youngster is also of high interest to her.

Natascha Wöss 

Natascha Wöss, freelance artist / Butoh-dancer / costume designer; studied textile design  Kunstuni Linz; 1993 Beginning of Butoh-dance, educated by Carlotta Ikeda, Ko Murobushi, Tadashi Endo, Masaki Iwana, Yumiko Yoshioka, Kanazawa Butoh Kan, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yuko Kaseki; lives in Linz; Engagements in dance, theatre and opera productions u.a. TEN PEN Chii art labor / Yumiko Yoshioka, Dock 11, Theater am Halleschen Ufer / Berlin, Theater Orpheum / Graz, Projekttheater Vorarlberg, Kosmostheater Wien, Landestheater Niederbayern / Passau”

Theresa Dückelmann

Theatre. Dance. Film. Art. Those are the topics she loves and where she finds herself being involved. Theresa enjoys being a dancer, choreographer, teacher, stage technician, unit manager (assistant), concept and/or organization or creating and realizing an interactive art exhibition.


Lena Setzwein

Lena Setzwein is working as a freelance dance teacher since 2009. 2012 she moved to Linz and is now working as movement and dance teacher for the “Musikschulwerk Oberösterreich”.  She also works as a freelance choreographer. There are some very motivated young people, who would like to get more in contact with the art of contemporary dance, so she decided to start a dance company for young people. In 2012 she started the project “ZeiTTanz”, a rehearsal and performance program for talented adolecents. Her aim is to offer possibilties for young people who are interested in dance and would like to work more in the field.

Sali Betinzane

Sali Betinzane is a freelance dancer that grew up in Damascus. She studied in the national syrian balletschool and at the college for performing arts in Syria. Dancing is for Sali Betinzane not about movement anymore it’s about the memories and the imagination. dancing is her alternative world wheree she can hide from the war ,pain , sadness of the mankind

Marina Koraiman

Marina Koraiman is an artist that is based in Linz. She studied artistic and industrial design and dance and dance education. She is working as a freelance artist, engagements as feelance dancer and choreographer, several stage productions and performances since 1996 with representations in all austria and abroad. Boundary transcending work in theatre, fine arts and costume, such as for Brucknerhaus Linz, Ars Electronica Festival, Theater Phönix, Posthof Linz, Dietheater Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien, Maerz Galerie, Volksbühne Berlin, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts…

Sara Lanner

Dancer, Performer, Dance Educator.
Inspired by the observation of humans, nature, objects and their behaviour, Sara selected contemporary dance as her artistic form of expression. Contemporary Dance is a field that opens up for several artisitc branches such as music (piano play, singing etc.), fine arts and literature. Driven by sensibility and curiosity, she explores new territories by combining dance and images, developing interactive performances (Kollektiv Tanz InderAktion) and interdisciplinary pieces with local musicians and visual artists. She showed several of these pieces at Turn the Corner – Progy&Bess Wien, mo.e Wien, Lange Nacht der Bühnen Linz, ARGEKultur Salzburg, IDA Linz. Sara danced at national and international dance productions, working with choreographers and companies like Akos Hargitay, Annika Luschin and Austrian/Norwegian Company Wildlaks.
Sara was educated for contemporary dance and dance education at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz and the Norges Dansehoyskole Oslo. Her interests reach from choreography and dance mediation to neurosciences, labanotation, flim and performance.

Marina Gruen_DSC7125web

Growing up in Russia and Germany Marina Gruen falls in love with exploration of new environments, countries and ways of thinking. She studied Contemporary Dance ( B.A.) and Dance Pedagogy ( B.A.) in Austria (Anton Bruckner University Linz) and in Netherlands (MTD AHK Amsterdam).In Oktober 2012 she founds the Collective Tanz InderAktion with Pamina Milewska and Sara Lanner. Together they investigate the limits of performer-audience interaction in a body language based and playful way. She feels very inspired to exchange and collaborate with different art forms, such as new media and music what she deals with in her current work Variationen der Reflektanz with Sara Lanner and Michael Wedenig funded by Anton Bruckner University.

Nadine Marie Sambs

nadineNadine Sambs studied elementary music and dance education (Mozarteum, Salzburg. Anton Bruckner Privatuniversity, Linz) and music management (Donau-University, Krems). She takes part in dance and theatre pieces, enjoys photography and plays several instruments. She teaches dance, children’s choir, elementary music education and Gyrokinesis®


Hygin Delimathygin

Hygin Delimat (born in Poland) grew up and began dance education in Wrocław (Poland). Then he moved to Austria and received academic degrees in contemporary dance and dance pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University in Linz (Austria). He performed for choreographers based in Austria: Georg Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Jianan Qu as well as British Robert Clark or Irish Liv O’Donoghue. In 2013 he was a holder of the DanceWEB scholarship. He created choreography for numerous dance pieces: ‘Exploring More Than Something’, ‘Wee-Ken-D’, ‘Absorption’, ‘Creatures’ collaborating with artist such as Hannes Kerschbaumer, Marina Gruen, Magdalena Schlesinger, Ewelina Zielonka, Dominik Harrer and Florian Voggeneder. His works were presented at the Butoh Festival in Ireland, the Raw Matters in Vienna, Tabakfabrik, Lentos Kunstmuseum and Ars Electronica Center in Linz. In his own artistic research he deals a lot with somatic aspects of body studying knowledge of Feldenkrais and Yoga practice. He has developed an somatic based dance technique approch that he often teaches in forms of workshops.

Jean Bernard Fontus

fontus2Dancer and Choreograph; educated in ballett, jazz dance, modern (horton), contemporain, ballroom latin, Salsa/Mambo, haitian folklore dance; I worked with following choreographer: Miguel Campaneria, Leonardo Costoya Oviedo, Jean Rene Delsoin, Regine Mont-Rosier Trouillot and others.
1999 – 2001 founder/director of the dance company “Azoukawe” with 15 – 20 dancers (assigned as choreographer until 2006), 2001 – 2010 dancer and choreograph at different dance companies in Haiti
2011 guest trainer at the Landestheater Linz (Mambo, Modern/Haitian Folklore), 2001, 2003, 2012 Winner of different dancing awards (Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha; Haitian Folklore, Modern Dance)


Doris RothFotoPress_web

Doris Roth  supports RedSapata since the start and became part of the board of directors in 2013 as the sole “non-professional dancer”. She is doing performance and theatre art and studies molecular biology at the university in Linz and Salzburg.

wernerWerner Flasch

Danceing, especially contact impro. Sometimes spontaneuosly, sometimes long long time planned. Organizer of jams.


Anni Taskula AnniTaskula_2 klein

is a freelance dancer and a culture producer (BA), currently based in Linz, Austria. Her studies on the field of Cultural Management gave an artistic approach to her work as a dancer. The questions how to communicate to the audience and how to transfer the artistic content in a multilingual way are topics that Taskula carries with her from the producers point of view to the artistic work. Taskula embraces the importance of strengthening the communication between artists themselves, so she organized and participated in several symposiums, meetings and retreats in the past years (Kedja, IDOCDE, IETM, European Youth Meetings, Deltebre Dansa, Impuls Tanz). Taskula developed an annual event concept “Body/Sound/Space” that is focused on the field of dance, performance, music and visual arts. In 2015 Taskula collaborated creating different productions with dance artists Josseline Black, Pamina Milewska and Marina Grün and Butoh performers Natascha Wöss and Adrian Gaume. In 2014 Taskula started working together in an artistic collective with dance artists Juan Camillo Herrera Casilimas (Columbia), Agnieszka Pedziwiatr (Poland), and with a video artist Elena Martin Lobera (Austria). The outcome was an interdisciplinary performance called “Exhibiting Eye” that combined video installations, dance and performance. In Finland Taskula worked together as a producer and a dancer with  horeographers Jenni Kivelä, Jarkko Mandelin and Natasha Lommi. She was also the finance manager of the dance web portal which is supported by the European Union Cultural funds.

postit_arnulfo_byAdrianaArnulfo Prado Ravagli

Arnulfo is a dance artist, researcher, performer and pedagogue based in Linz-Austria. His artistic work constantly experiments with new ways of scenic expression, having strong influence of Physical Awareness as a key-concept to connect mind, body and space while dancing, and specially while developing interdisciplinary collaborations with another types of art.

Nicole Baïer

born 1967 in basel/switzerland, filmmaker and video artist and a degree in science of communication. since 1994 living in salzburg/austria and working internationally. her work is in to see in the range of documentary (script, cinematography, editing) to music- and dancevideos into the intermedial space (scenography, scenario). work (selection): “Poptries” (A 2013) Szenographie (Konzept & Videos) P: transit heart productions, Linz. Choreographie: Ilona Roth. “König Oedipus” (A 2011) R: Adele Kobald. P:Theater Focuss. Szenographie (Video & Bühne). “Borderlines/Grenzgänge” (A 2009/ Konzeptuelle Weiterentwicklung 2011). Von Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser. Mit Christiane Pott-Schlager. Szenographie & Videoschnitt. “blurred memories” (Video mit Tanz, A 2009), “Genius For Sale” (A 2006) Video zu Lifemusik. Musikalische Leitung: Max Kickinger. P: Jazzit. “Splitter” (Experimental. A 2000-2005) P: Studio West Salzburg. Konzept und Beiträge. “Summer of Art” (Dok. A, 2000). Mit Mario Jandrokovic. “Dani Prosjaka – Days Of Beggars” (Musiktheatervideo. BiH/A, 1999/2003). “GalerieErsatz” (Experimental. A, 1998). “RaumBild“ (Installation Super8. 1997). scholarship : Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg 1997. Klasse Brigitte Kowantz. exhibition: (Teilnahme): Galerien der Stadt Salzburg, 2009.

About-001-300x300Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser

Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser, BA Hons was born in Zell am See, Austria. Since 1990 she has been choreographing various contract works for events and schools and has worked with multiple choreographers, among them Ivana Müller, Mu-Yi Kuo, Angela Vadori, Davis Freeman, Russell Maliphant, Lea Anderson, Ilan Reichel, Pippa Buckingham, Athina Vahla, Jan de Shynkel, Vivienne Wood, and Robert Eugen. In 2000 she finished a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance Studies at the Laban Centre London. She was then granted a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she graduated in Contemporary Performance and Choreography in 2003. The same year Mühlmann -Wieser was a finalist for the ‘Deutsche Bank / Pyramid Award.’ Since then she has been living and working in Salzburg, Austria. In 2005 she founded B.M-W Dance Company which is dedicated to her sensitive, transparent and engaging dance works which stress psychological and socially critical topics. She has been collaborating with artists of various genres among them video artists Nicole Baier, Arunakaij, fine artist Christiane Pott- Schlager and composers such as Hartwig Hochmair, Gustavo Petek and Wolfgang Zamastil. B.M-W dance works include : 2012/13 ‚OUTpour’, 2011 ;Grenzgänge / Borderlines 2’ 2010 ‚outside inside out – performance video musik’ mit Arunakaij, 2008/09 ,Grenzgänge / Borderline – Tanz im intermedialen Raum’ mit Christiane Pott-Schlager und Nicole Baïer, 2007/08 ‚Taneperp-Kollaboration zeitgenössischer Tanz und elektroakoustische Musik für Kinder ab 5 Jahren’, 2006 ‚Die Welt zwischen Schärfe und Unklarheit’ , ‚Madame…’ Kooperationen als Tänzerin (Auswahl): Ivana Müller ‚Positions’, Dewey Dell ‚Marzo’, 2014, Angela Vadori ‚illegitimate bodies’, 2012 und Baïer Nicole für ‚blurred memories’, 2009 english summary


Anna Ach3med

 Theater pedagogue and performer. She works as a Performer and Theater pedagogue in Austria, Germany and Romania and right now she is in the process of initiating new projects with the aim to connect different fields of arts and countries. She is interested in theatre and performance by and for young audiance. She is inspired by movement that experiments, discovers new things and which is located in unfamiliar places or in public space. Anna studied theater pedagogics at Institut angewandtes Theater Wien (2013) B.A. social work, georg-simon-ohm Hochschule, Nürnberg (2011)




Thomas Nygaard

Director – Actor – Dancer – Teacher MFA performance arts & media, Stockholm University of The Arts Certified Creative Performer, The Commedia School Additonal studies in theatre-in-education. I like to work inter-disciplinary, and have specialized in ensemble-based theatre. I have a “thing” for popular art forms, like Melodrama, Commedia, Clown and street dance (i.e. salsa, bachata etc.)


Sonia BorkowiczSonia Borow Klein

Sonia Borkowicz, born in 1993 in Poznań (PL). Started her dance education in 2006 in Poland. Since 2013 Sonia studies Contemporary Dance at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. As a dancer/performer, she has collaborated with list of choreographers, such as: Isabelle Schad, Rose Breuss, Yumiko Yoshioka, Joanna Leśnierowska… Sonia has been performing in festivals inter alia: Ex…it (Germany), Dancing Poznań, Malta Festival (Poland), Front@9 (Slovenia). Sonia Borkowicz is also a culture manager and event curator, she is the founding member of the art event Body/Sound/Space (Linz/Austria). She is also working as a photographer.



Elias Buttinger kleinElias Buttinger

I practice bboying since about 12 years. Five years ago I started my studies in contemporary dance on the Anton Bruckner University, my Bachelor in contemporarydance I finished last year and I’m about to finish my secound Bachelor in pedagogy of contemporarydance. Since one year I dont have so much classes in University anymore, so I had time to realize a danceproject in India (Calcutta), in this project (Inter-Dance-Project) we fused classical indian dances with urban dance styles like breaking, popping, waacking… The last of my project was in the mountains, we where shootin a dance video there. The concept was to put bodies and dance into the context of landarts.


Karin Kocher-KrenmayrFlamenco_Quer_10

is a dance teacher since 1966 and is influenced by in many stiles. She is a danceabilityteacher, singer, choreographer and supporter of people with asyl (or even not). She is specialized in Flamenco experimental (without shoes) and on the tracks of Pina Bausch. She finds her radicalism only in ryhtm and his variability. She is working and  dancing with different “kind” of people, professional or amateur, everybody has his own story and way of telling it, – danced, spoken, interpreted.  She believes that songs are coming from us and have to be taken very seriously and worked through concering the Rythm because it carries everything forward. – the ryhtm – carries all –


Alja Ferjan

I come from Slovenia, currently living in Linz, Austria, studying on university Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitat, Linz, department for contemporary dance and pedagogic studies. If I have to ‘define’ my passions I would say I see myself as a dancer, performer and overall in love with life, people and art. I am interested in world culture, knowledge of scientific and surreal / imaginary facts that enrich my development as a human and through this as an artist. My projects besides school work are researching and analyzing movement as a dancer and finding out my artistic (choreographic) approaches throughout improving personal expressions and characteristics. At the moment I devote myself also to a two year project for young authors, financed by Ministry of culture in Slovenia (from January 2014 to January 2016) with a friend, performer/artist Jan Rozman.


Inge Gappmaier

Inge Gappmaier is a choreographer, dancer and dancepedagog from upper austria. In her work she deals with the body in-between critical theory and dance practice. She questions the role and knowledge of the human body in its socio political environment by placing the body in interdisciplinary contexts and confronting it with different performative settings. 
Currently she studies MA Choreography and Performance at the Institut for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and Frankfurt am Main. Previously she finished her BA in Contemporary Dancepedagogy at the Konservatorium Wien University as well as at the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Her bachelor thesis „Dance in Public Space“ was awarded with the Prize for outstanding thesis 2011 by the Municipal Department for Cultural Affairs Vienna. 
Teaching activity amongst others: Tanzstudio Dancework (Bad Hall 2011/12, interim leader), Justus-Liebig University Gießen (DE), Bildungshaus Schloss Puchberg (OÖ).
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Markus Eggensperger


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