Contemporary Dance

Hype_b (26)This class is for all who want to gather knowledge in the field of contemporary dance and to focus more on their body sensitivity. C. D. leaves movement patterns which are part of cultural body patterns and uses the natural anatomy of the body in order to train a more efficient use of muscles and strength. Floor work and different exercises that use the whole dance space help to train coordination and to share the joy of moving the body. The work happens in small groups so that each participant receives individual attention. No matter what age beginners welcome!

every tuesday: level 1 – beginner 5:30-6:30 pm / level 2 – beginner + advanced 6:30-8 pm / running througout the year, entry at any time possible except bank holidays or school holidays

costs: 12 € single class, 110 € 10-times-card (level 2) // 10 € level 1


Teacher: Ilona Roth a freelance dancer, actress, choreographer and teacher within the performing arts field. She was educated in musical theatre in Augsburg and Munich and received a scholarship to dance with New York’s leading dancers. She graduated from the Bruckner Private University in Linz where she studied contemporary dance. She performed and worked internationally, e. g. in Uruguay, Egypt, Serbia, Italiy, France, Denmark, Greece and Germany. She is co-founder and head of the RedSapata cultural initiative. She is responsable for different artistic projects since 2006; Ilona Roth is the award winner of the Spoleto OPEN Awards 2012 (Spoleto, Italy). Information about her artistic


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