The class program is an offer to dance interested people who either have no previous technical knowledge in dance or have some technical experience and want to continue learning. The very special thing about this program is that most of the teachers who offer these classes are themselves dance artists who are involved in different artistic activities. As freelance or contracted dancers they can give you an insight into artistic work and are always up to date with different backgrounds in movement arts. That’s how they best share their knowledge with you, fully professionally approached.
The classes led by the teachers named here are being offered by them on a self-reliable basis. The are responsable for all content and organisation of the classes. RedSapata wishes to offer these artists a platform to share their knowledge and technique in an entertaining, effective and fresh manner so that exchange and further development may happen quickly.

These are the classes that are currently offered by the teachers at the RedSapata venue:

This program is a collection of classes that are being freely offered by the teachers on a self-sustaining basis. RedSapata Dance Factory does not hold itself reliable for any classes; therefore all questions regarding organization and content should always go to the teachers named in the regarding class description.

Most of the class descriptions may show a starting date but not a final date due to the fact that the classes are sometimes continuous throughout the year. You can also join most of the classes throughout the year, in case of doubt please always ask the teacher (contact adresses always on the description sites).
Considering the demand for classes new classes may start or old ones may end; the recent information is always to be found on or, in case RedSapata is informed about changes. During holidays classes usually don’t take place, however you might need to ask the teacher about different regulations. They might change their schedule to continue even in holidays.

Some of the classes may change the teacher due to the reason that the classes offered are lead by artists who are also involved in their artistic career and may need to travel or have performances.

All texts in the descriptions are mainly from the teachers, as well as most of the pictures if not indicated differently.

All classes the follow one another may have breaks of 5-10 minutes (at the beginning or end of the class) due to space and participant changes. However in the description the times including breaks are indicated.

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