Deep End
Residency Februar 2018
Alina Belyagina

The world is richly blue, seductive, matte with holographic transfusions on faces and bodies. My new work “Depth”, started three months ago, was inspired by Jerzy Skolimovsky’s film “Deep End”. This is a dance performance in which the future world is represented. I do not have a specific place and time, there is only color (blue and white with lilac) in which the dancers are immersed, as well as their reactions, the consequence of events influencing them. In Skolimovsky’s film, the main role is played by water, in my work, “water” is a space in which you do not feel boundaries, the space absorbing movements, and also enveloping. A good example of the feeling of envelopment is the music of William Basinsky’s “The Disintegration Loops”.

Choreographic vocabulary. I use the GAGA style and modern dance (for me it is a mixture of Forsyte and McGregor techniques). Dancers play with repetitions, synchronism (which for me is connected with water and weightlessness), misses, nervous ticks and reaction in the absence of the right moment.

Intuitive, reflexive movements, accompanied by the growing rhythm of the music of Basinsky and Moscow musician Dmitry Povalishin, they keep the flexible bodies of the dancers in tension, then relax with a feeling of weightlessness and depth.

Subject of study. I will rely on the forgotten and new for us movement. In my work, I want to present a society, the process of changing which is observed through the change of everyday everyday movements. For example, I remember myself opening a window in an old car when I needed to turn the handle and apply almost the entire upper body or I remember holding the joystick with both hands using only the thumbs. These usual once for me movements, now completely forgotten. There were new ones. I want to concentrate my research on working with dancers, because everyone has their own experience of “forgotten movements”, and we will also focus on what movements have appeared and fantasize about those that may appear. On the emotional side, I would like to work out a model of behavior in a group of five or six dancers, where there is no definite leader, where following and obedience is impulsive. I want to choose the most different dancers from each other, keeping only one pair of their own kind (height, physique, hair color, type). From the point of view of the experience and emotions that I want to pay attention to, these are also lost experiences or those that will be lost. I remember perfectly the feeling in my chest after a two-kilometer run in physical culture – a feeling of torn from the inside of my throat and a taste of blood. It’s like a piece of iron in you. Fortunately, I do not need to run any more after leaving school, I never felt it again. And in my work, I would like to experiment with lost feelings and emotions connected with friendship (probably many people notice that the older we are, the less often we make friends, and if you often move, then the feeling of acquiring true friendship can be forgotten by you) . My research will be a society of the future with forgotten, and yet still known emotions and feelings, but possessing completely new, acquired.

Why this topic interests me. I pay a lot of attention to the philosophy of Heidegger and the philosophy of cyber anthropology, it is interesting and important for me to understand how I and people around me change from using technology. My work, I try to develop in the theme of “anti-utopia”. Personally, I associate my work with my own lost emotions and feelings, for example I do not remember at all, the feeling of joy or happiness that once was, experiencing at the moment misfortune and unification.

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